Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A list of my swaps!

As promised, here is a list of the nail polish I currently have up for swapping. Hopefully those of you who have some of my lemmings will see something you like and get in touch with me! Please note that I have now added my email address below the heading on the left-hand -side especially for you! Anyway, here's the list:

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms(htf's) - Cinnebar Opal, Scarlet Ruby

Maybelline Colorama flakies(htf's) - Pink Pinata, Cold As Ice, Sonic Sunset

Golden Rose Scale Effects(htf) - 03

Orly - monroe's Red, Cherrybomb, Honeymoon In Style, Glam Rock, Razzle

China Glaze - Summer Rain, Lighthouse, Blue Paradise, Heaven, Sexy In The City, Reggae To Riches, Treehugger, Watermelon Rind, Blue Sparrow, BFF, LOL  

L'Oreal - Coral Starfish, Pink Shells, Blue Marine

Essie - Lapis Of Luxury, Honeybun, Miami Nice

Borghese - Stellar Notte

Revlon - Berry Delicious, Plum Attraction

Chi - Double Fisted Fuschia

Jessica - Tinsel

Kleancolor - Blue Pearl, Pearl Jungle, Charcoal, Purple, Chunky Holo Purple, Kiss Goodbye

Color Club - Masquarading, Ulterior Motive, Alter Ego, Total Mystery, Secret Agent

Cult Nails(premium) - Devious Nature

Ozotic Pro(htf) - 520

CND Effects - Lavender Pearl

Clarins(htf) - 227

KOH(htf) - Jade/Jewel

OPI - Mod About You, MPJ(new version), Java Mauv-a, Abbey Rose, Overexposed On South Beach, DS Coronation

Nubar(holo) - Essence

Catherine Arley(all holo's) - 677, 673, 804, 674, 675

Claires Color Change - Turquoise, Purple

Chanel(premium) - Paradoxal, Metallic Nail Colour #62 OR

Jordanna - Sapphire

Nfu Oh(htf) - 51

I really, really hope that my list of swaps doesn't disappoint you! Enjoy looking. Have a good week and stay safe my lovelies! xoxoxo


  1. You like to do a dutch swap? or do you think it is to expensive/dangerous?

  2. The only thing that stops me from doing an international swap, is the customs here. However, I don't see how it could do any harm once in a while, kwim?
    So the answer is yes, I would do a Dutch swap!