Thursday, January 19, 2012

A few Coach items for sale or swap!

 Hey there loveys! I have a few Coach items to either sell or swap. There's one bag, a brown leather factory Lily. It's quite large, hand held with 2 large compartments both with zips. Inside one of the comartments is a cell phone pocket and another small pocket. It's in fabulous condition(I look after my things) and comes with a dust bag. I also have 4 Coach bangles:
1) Goldtome and blue Op Art enamel
2)Goldtome and black enamel with circles cut out all the was'll see!
3)Goldtome with gold studs all around
4)Silvertone with silver stud all around
The last item I have is a solid silver Coach dog tag, with a 36" chain
All 5 pieces of jewelry come with their own dustbag.
Here's some pics for you:
                                                This is the front of the Lily
                                                     This is the creed inside the bag

This is the silvertone bangle with the studs 
                                                            The front of the dog tag
The back of the dogtag
The goldtone bangle with studs
The goldetone and black enamel bracelet with cut-out circles
The goldtome and blue enamel Op Art bangle(my personal favourite!)
So there you have it my loveys! Some of my Coach goodies. The outside of the bangles are pristine, there's a little bit of discoloration on the inside where it's be next to the skin, but not much. The dogtag is perfect! I'm getting rid of them because I get bored with the same things. My loss, your gain, lol! See you next time. xoxo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some of the goodies I bought with my Christmas money

Hi there my lovelys! How are you all? I'm doing pretty good! I placed an order through Nailite Inc last week. They were having an amazing sale on so I purchased myself some empty bottles, so I can start learning how to franken. I also bought 21 nail polishes. They have a minimum purchase of $25, and my order total with shipping was around $36. $36 for 24 empty bottles and 21 nail polishes! You can't get better than that!
I wasn't expected too much because everything was cheap, and I was very pleasantly surprised by how nice everything was. The nail polish applied like a dream, all of them were 2 coaters, and the colours were fabulous! I thought I'd show you all some pics of my goodies:

                                        The first pic shows you how the bottles were packed:

This pic shows you the size of the bottles in comparison with an OPI bottle, they're actually the same size, 1/2oz.

                      The third pic is alll the nail polish I bought...aren't they gorgeous? 42c each!

          This last pic shows you swatches of all the nail polish. I honestly couldn't be happier!

That's it for today my lovelys! What do you think of all my loot? Pretty good deal, huh? Anyway, I'll see you all next time. In the mean time, you take good care of yourselves, and I'll see you soon!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NOTD - a-England Tristam

Hello my lovely's!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm having a very, very lazy one myself. I didn't go to bed until 5am this morning, then I got up at around 2pm...told you it's a lazy weekend, lol! I swapped for a-England Tristam a few weeks back, it's been a lemming of mine for a long time. I finally decided to put it on last night, and here, for you, I present the results! a-England Tristam in all it's blue-y holo-y glory:

What can I say about this beautiful nail polsih? Not much really, I'm absolutely awestruck. I tried a-England Lady Of The Lake a few months back(that had been another long-time lemming) and was so disappointed by it. Not because of the polish itself, no! The colour was glorious. It just looked hideous against my skintone. I'm pleased to say with Tristam, I'm not having that problem. I think Tristam is amazing. I'm in awe of how beautiful this colour is. I'd love to hear feedback from you, my lovelies. Do you have Tristam? If so, what do you think? Anyway, enough from me for now. Stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! xoxo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About my blog sale...

Alrighty my lovelys! I've taken my blogsale down for now as I was inundated with offers. My blog is misbehaving and not allowing me to update things that have been sold already, so I'm going to redo the post, minus the things that have been sold, and plus other things up for sale that I didn't get to put in the first blogsale post! I'll do it tomorrow evening.
Thanks lovelys!

Monday, January 9, 2012

NOTD Essie Licorice and Fingerpaints Twisted

Hello my lovelies!
Hope you've all had a great day today! I looked out my window earlier on only to see that it was snowing. Yuck! I hate the stuff! Give me a nice, warm sunny day anytime!
Anyway, I did my nails a little while ago, unfortunately it was a rush job, so it only looks good if you glance at it quickly,lol! I treated myself to 3 of the New fingerpaints flakies the other day with some of my Christmas money, I got Motley, Twisted and Flecked. I decided to use Twisted on top of Essie's Licorice, and here is the result:

Anyway my lovelies, that's all from me for now. Stay safe and I'll see you all soon!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

NOTD -Nubar Reclaim and ChG LOL...awesome!!!

Hello my lovelies!

How are you all? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and a great New Year! We celebrated our Christmas a week later than normal as my husband was in Okinawa on a business trip. For New Years we had a few friends over and had an absolute blast.  I actually got drunk(as a general rule I don't drink) and I realized the next day why I stopped drinking all those years ago, lol. Serves me right!

Anyway my honey's on to my NOTD. I decided to do my favourite colour combination, green and purple.  I also decided to use holo's. Those of you who know me, know that holo's are my all time favourite types of nail polish! I used ChG LOL on my thumbs and ring fingers, and Nubar Reclaim on the rest. Here's the result, tell me what you think:

Anyway darlings, that's enough for today. I'll see you all soon. Take care and stay safe, be good!!!