Thursday, June 30, 2011

China Glaze Tronica water marble

Hello lovelies! I know you don't know me very well just yet, but you'll come to know me in time. You'll find ot that one of my favourite nail art effects is water marbling. Here's one that I did using the China Glaze Tronicas.  I used Virtual Violet as the base coat, and Electra Magenta, Gamer Glam and High Def for the actual water marble. I think it turned out absolutely stunning, personally! I've only been doing watermarbling for a couple of months, and I stiill have a lot to learn, but I think I'm getting there! Anyway, what do you think?

NOTD - Fingerpaints Chroma Coral

I got this gorgeous colour from Sally's Beauty Supply for just $1.99 on clearance! It's by Fingerpaints and it's called Chroma Coral. I thought it was pretty in the bottle, but it totally blew me away when I  applied it. It's such a gorgeous colour. It's a very smooth polish that applies really well. Honestly one coat would have been enough, but it's my habit to use two coats so that's what I did. I think this is the perfect colour for Summer. Let me know what you think.

More nail art...

Okay, I think this is enough nail art for now, I don't want you getting bored. But be warned, there is more to come, lol!

My nail art

Hello my loveys! I thought I’d show you some of the nail art that I’ve done. I got a lot of the designs from  people and websites online, such as LOVE4NAILS on Youtube, Schmuckneagel and Nails Porn. Some of the designs I blatantly copied, some I changed colours, or placements of the design, and some I changed completely. To all the wonderful people who were my inspirations, thank you! I have a lot of nail art, so I won’t be showing it all in one go. I hope you all enjoy it! Please bear in mind that I’m not a good artist. Some of these I did again, and again and again before I was semi-satisfied with how it looked. I’m sure the air around me was blue because I swore so much! Let me know what you think, I love constructive critisism, just don’t be cruel, please!

Small haul from Ulta and Walgreens

Hello lovelies!
Here’s the small haul I got yesterday from Ulta and Walgreens. I love ‘em all apart from the Borghese, that one was an epic fail. It dries matte! Totally not what I expected. Anyway, without further ado, here’s a list of  np’s I got:
Ulta Pro – Blue For You
Ulta Pro – Green With Envy
China Glaze – Ahoy!
China Glaze – Cha Cha Cha
China Glaze – Bogie
Sinful Colors – Ciao Bella!
Sinful Colors – Happy Ending (a back up, I love this colour!)
Sally Hansen Complete Manicure – Problem Child
Borghese – Mediterraneo Sea (the epic fail….so disappointed)
Sinful Colors Nail Art – Sour Grapes.
Hope you enjoyed my little haul. I’ll see you all next time! xoxoxo

ABC’s Tag

Hello my lovelies!
I’ve seen this game played by quite a few other bloggers, and I thought I should give it a try myself. It also gives you, my dear readers, the opportunity to find out some boring, mundane stuff about me. So, are you ready? Here we go!
A. Age –  I’m 39, I turn 40 on 20th March 2012.
B. Bed size - I sleep in a king sized bed. Loads of room!
C. Chore you hate – I’d have to say cleaning the bath out is the one I detest most.
D. Day – My favourite day is Friday. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea!
E. Essential start to your day – Checking Tpf, and smoking a cigarette.
F. Favourite Colour – I don’t just have one…go figure! I love Blue, green, pink, black and purple.
G. Gold or silver – Well, I love both, but gold is my favourite.
H. Height – I’m 5’6 1/2″
I. Instruments – I used to play the recorder(lol!) and the clarinet.
J. Job title – Homemaker
K.  Kids – I have a son called Sam. He’ll be 17 on July 4th.
L. Live – I live in Virginia, USA, But I’m from England. I came the the states 11 years ago.
M. Mum’s name – Jacky, full name Jacqueline.
N. Nickname – My full name is Penelope, but I’m called Pennie or Pen.
O. Overnight hospital stays – I had way too many to count!
P. Pet Peeve -  People who don’t use their turn signals, people who run late.
Q. Quote from a movie – Samual L. Jackson in Pulp fiction, starts off with “The path of the righteous man….”
R. Right or left handed – I’m a leftie!
S. Siblings – I have a sister, Nicola and a brother, Jimmy.
T. Time you wake up – It depends, somewhere between 7am and 9:30am.
U. Underwear – Bikini knickers!
V. Vegetables you dislike – Butter beans and broad beens.
W. What makes you run late – Nothing. I’m always either early, or on time.
X. X-Rays you’ve had – Too many to count!
Y. Yummy food you make – Shepherds pie, ropa vieja, potato soup, curry, sausage casserole, rhubarb and strawberry icecream.
Z. Zoo – The last zoo I visited was San Diego zoo with my husband, sister in law and mother in law.

One stroke painting.

Hi everyone, happy Friday! I’ve been interested in the one stroke painting technique for quite a while now, because when I one day become a nail tech, I’d like to be able to use this technique when I’m doing nail art. I finally decided to get my arse in gear and give it a go. I got some books by Donna Dewberry on the subject, and started learing how to paint two days ago. Unfortunately for me I’m not a natural artist, and I’m also a leftie, which means I have to do everything backwards….not easy when you have no coordination! Anyway, here’s a pic of roses I’ve done so far. Please don’t laugh, I know they’re pretty bad, lol!