Friday, January 25, 2013

I hope I can overcome this new-updated version of blogger...

Hello there my lovelies! This is the all important post where I find out if I can continue! I hope I can!!! There's going to be lots of pics, this is some of my recent 'cheer me up' haulage: Coloured nail gel, a first for me. However, I need to get a few more things before I can use it....bummer. ;0( Some gorgeous coloured glue, I can't wait to try this out! Oh, so pretty! Some glitter! ....and some more. Bullion ladies and gents! And look at those gorgeous colours!!! I fell head-over-heels in love when I saw this colour. I know it's nothing like, but this kind of reminds me of Unicorn Pee. I think it's the display of colours. It's by Layla, it's from the Ceramic Effects line, and it's name(that does it no justice) is CE52 Layla holos! Colours from L to R: Flash Black Mercury Twilight Ultra Violet Retro Pink Coral Glam Jade Groove I'm sorry about the god-awful pic. These holo's are TDF, quite frankly, and I will swatch them one day soon so you can see them in all their holo-y goodness! Cheapy cheap Wet n Wild. You cannot beat the price, nor can you beat the texture of these for water marbling. If you go back in my blog, you will see some of my earlier attempts using Wet n Wild.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sorry. Again.

I just wanted to update you. Blogger have done something to their image loader. This means that I'm limited to how many pics I can load, but more importantly, I cannot see the pics I'm uploading to my blog until I hit 'publish.' IE, until I pubish the blog on the web for everyone to see. This makes it impossible to: -Describe the pic I'm loading. -Know exactly what pic it is that's being loaded. -See how that pic looks -See if pic is centred -See if there's enough space between pics. It just sucks. That's why I haven't posted. If doesn't change this new, godawful format, I'll be done with this blog. I'm sorry. I'll keep trying, but I don't know for how much longer, all the while the image loader is like it is. Loads of love. Be safe. P xoxox

Monday, January 7, 2013

My little Christmas haul...

Gosh! Something is wrong with the pictures upload link, and I've had one heck of a job trying to upload 5 measly pics! So I'm sorry, but this post really sucks! The top pic shows you all the goodies I got. Here's a list for you: The nail polish top row L to R: China Glaze Gothic Lolita China Glaze Tranzitions Modify Me China Glaze Tranzitions Altered Reality I have to butt in here(if I can butt in on my own blog....) The China Glaze Tranzitions are awesome. Take a close look at the photo. It starts off as one colour, BUT if you paint over it with a plain old top coat, it changes the colour of the polish, hence the name Tranzitions. I attempted to do a french mani look, which you can see if you look real close! OPI Get Your Number OPI Can't Let Go I'm butting in again....these OPI's are from the Mariah Carey collection. What they have to do with her, I'm not sure, but these are the first things associated with her that I have ever liked! Sorry, sorry, sorry all you diehard Mariah fans out there, but I just can't stand her! I know she's got talent, I'm not disputing that, but I just don't like her music! Whilst we're on the subject, I can't stand Celine Dion or any other singers of the like. Color Club Winter Affair Color Club Berry And Bright Color Club Glitter Wonderland Color Cub Gift Of Sparkle Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly The nail polish bottom row L to R: Barry M Croc Effects Barry M Chameleon Blue Barry M Blue Glitter I have my sister Nicola to thank for all three Barry M's. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks Nik! xoxox The last two bottles aren't nail polish, they are a base coat and a top coat for the French Wrap mani kit. Now for the assorted boxes around the nail polish. nothing interesing I'm afraid; -French Wrap 'New Innovative' professional mani kit(we'll see soon enough!) -Wonder Tip (similar to the 'French Wrap.) -Swiss Silk Pre-shaped self adhesive wrap tabs(I'm going to try to use these for when I break my nails. I saw a method on Youtube that looked amazing, and held the break really well. Whether I can do it successfully remains to be seen..... -Terrific Tips, tip stickers. -Pack of three emery boards, at 50c, I couldn't say no! -A.S.P C-Curve nail tips, pack of 100. The second pic(I think) is the swatch pic. It starts kind of at the top left with the Barry M swatch of Croc Effects(the black crackle) there's a plain nail between each brand. Next are the Color Clubs, then the ChG's, and lastly, the OPI's. Sorry for such a crap post. Hopefully Blogger will get this picture uploading issue sorted out pretty quick. Anyway my loveys, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, and a wondeful New Year. I'll see you all soon. In the mean time, you stay safe, be happy, and stay out of trouble! Loads of love! P xoxox

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back in hospital.

Hi there loves,

I don't know when I'm next going to be able to post, and I wanted to explain why. I've been having these episodes where I pass out, but when I come to I can't use my legs or talk without slurring.

I happened again the night before last, and I was taken to the hospital. They ran a gamut of tests, but long story short, they found a tumor attached to my spinal sac. I was transferred to another hospital yesterday night, and I'm now waiting to see the doctor tomorrow, have more tests and decide from there. It might just explain some of my existing health conditions, which would be great!

I'm not looking for sympathy or anything else from any of you, but I've been a somewhat slack blogger in the past, leaving you hanging. I promised myself to try and do better, so consequently I thought I'd tell you what was going on.

 Anyway, I really hope to see you all very soon. In the mean time, say safe, be happy, and remember my words about Father Christmas aka Santa Claus! You still have a week to go!

All my love,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Teeny tiny haul...

Hey there lovelies! I got myself a little haul from LLarowe. Small, but awesome at the same time! Here's what I got:

Ludurana - Supremo
Jade - Mystic Gold
Enchanted Polish - Hey Jude

I told you it was a small haul, lol! But small as it is, the polishes are rather nice! Here's some pics. I think I went overboard on the pics to compensate for the lack of haulage, lol!
1) The trio from left to right:
Jade - Mystic Gold
Enchanted Polish - Hey Jude
Ludurana - Supremo




2) Ludurana
3) Ludurana
4) Jade
5) Enchanted Polish


6 and 7) Swatches of all three. From left to right: Enchanted Polish Hey Jude, Jade Mystic Gold, Ludurana Supremo.

So, what do I think of these polishes?

Let's start with my favourite, Jade - Mystic Gold. The colour is stunning. A very strong linear holo gold. For me personally, I have not seen a holo gold this strong on colour. The other golds are much more mellow and muted, as well as being much lighter in colour. The drawback? The size of the bottle. It's a mere 8ml, so roughly half the size of a regular bottle. Having said that, the price is also 'mere.' This polish was only $7, so I think the price is very fair for the size of the bottle.

Next, let's look at the Ludurana. Hmm. Gorgeous colour, I will say that. But. If you already have OPI DS Original(I do,) OPI DS Amethyst(I do,) OPI Sanderella(I do,) Ozotic Pro 534(I do,) or even Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond(again, I do,) then I wouldn't bother getting this. If you don't have any of these, then run and get it! However, again, this is a small bottle. 8ml. It's more expensive than the Jade brand, and runs at $10 a bottle. As I said, the colour is gorgeous, but it's not really much different to the ones I mentioned above.

Lastly, let's take a look at the Enchanted Polish - Hey Jude. The size of the bottle is great. A nice, generous sized 15ml is my guess. The colour is gorgeous. It's a holochrome as I like to call them, ie; it's a multichrome and a holo mixed together. The colours are bright green, gold and electric blue, with a scattered but fairly strong holo. Quite similar to the Ozotic Mish Mash nps in finish. I like it. I really do. And I'm definitely going to get some more when I get paid! This np cost me $13, which is very reasonable I'd say. Well worth the money!

I can safely say that I'm happy with these np's. It was money well spent. And I am going to buy myself more of each brand.

Anyway, I'm going to leave you to it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend(if I don't see you all before!) Stay safe, be happy! Oh, and be good. Father Christmas is coming soon, and we all know he only comes to visit good girls and boys!

Loads of love!!!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Barielle - warning, long post!

I wanted to write a post about a brand that is one of my all time favourite brands. The reasons I like them are varied;
- Their price is very good, $8 per nail polish on their website.
- The formula is excellent. Not too thick, not too runny, very well pigmented.
- Ease of application. They go on smoothly, and for the most part one or two coats is plenty for a great finish.
- They're different. I like that they aren't run-of-the-mill, the same that you see with every brand, it seems to me that they take the time to find different shades and finishes to other brands instead of following the herd!

Below you'll see a bunch of the pics I've taken. Again, my apologies. My photography is lame, and does a lot of these colours no justice at all, such a shame because it's when you see these colours close-up that you really see the differences between them and the other brands.



1) L to R  Out-Grey-Geous, Coalest Day Of The Year, Seductive, Night Moves, Platinum Ring, Granite Glitter.
2) L to R Out-Grey-Geous, Coalest Day Of The Year, Seductive, Night Moves, Platinum Ring, Granite Glitter,
3) Close-up of Out-Grey-Geous. If this had been taken by a better photographer, you'd be able to see the beauty in this np. It is a blue-grey, with the tiniest flecks of gold scattered within it. So pretty.

Seductive is a slightly lighter version of Out-Grey-Geous. Coalest Day Of The Year is a beautiful dark, dark grey, closer to black really. It has a lovely shimmer, and like all Barielle np's, is a dream to apply. In these first six, my greatest disappointment is that Platinum Ring and Night Moves are really interchangeable. I see no difference in them, but seriously, they are the only disappointments I've come across with Barielle.




4) L to R Suntini, Elle's Spell, Wrap Me In Ribbon, Behave Yourself, Brown Sparkles, Jess' Champagne Toast.
5) Swatches. In same order as above.
6) A lame attempt at a closeup of Jess' Champagne Toast.
7) Jess' Champagne Toast
8) Elle's Spell

Suntini is a gorgeous orange-coral cream, fabulous with a tan! Elle's Spell. Ladies, this colour was out before any of us np lovers had even heard of flakies! Well before! It's a fairly sheer plum colour full to bursting with sparkly flakies. It looks great on it's own, but you apply it over a lavender, a red or a pink, it really comes into it's own. It's fabulous, and so versatile. Try it, you won't be disappointed! Wrap Me In Ribbon and Behave Yourself are 2 different shades of shimmering pinks, one lighter than the other. Chic. Stunning. Brown Sparkles is full of fun. Then we come to my personal favourite in this group. Jess' Champagne Toast. This colour is a blue/lavender, with tiny, tiny pink particles of glitter in. There's not too many, so it's not overwhelming the base colour, but it shows up just the right amount. I love this colour, and I've yet to come across another np anything like this.  It's delightful!


9) L to R Slate Of Affairs, Falling Star, Blackened Bleu, Decadence, Date Night, Polished Princess, Positive ZEN-ergy
10) Swatches, in same order as above.
11) Close-up of Slate Of Affairs, Falling Star, Blackened Bleu and Decadence.
12) Close-up of Positive ZEN-ergy and Polished Princess.\
13) Bottle of Falling Star
14) Bottle of Positive ZEN-ergy

The last of my meager collection of Barielle. Oh, to have them all!!!  Slate Of Affairs, is a blue grey shimmer, there's more to it than that, however. As you turn the bottle, you see a flash of electric blue throughout. It's stunning. It's quite sheer, but you still get great coverage with two coats. Next on the list is Falling Star. Initially, decriptively at least, it's akin to Slate Of Affairs, but there the difference ends. It's not shimmery, it's a highly pigmented cream, AND it has the most amazing copper coloured glitter particles in it, making it completely and utterly unique! This was the first of the Barielle's I owned, and what a polish to start a collection with! If you don't have any Barielles, and you like blue, this is the one to start your collection. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Next we have Blackened Bleu. When you look at the bottle, you see a rather electrifying teal blue flash. When you apply it to your nail, you see the underlying colour is black, with the teal blue flash accompanying it throughout. This is a stunner. Up next is Decadence. Another shimmer. A deep aqua that again, to me, seems to have that flash of colour reminiscent of Slate Of Affairs and Blackened Bleu. The last three I have are the greens. The first is Date Night, a deep true green shimmer with minute silver sparkles in. Gorgeous. Next is Polished Princess, a warm olive-y kind of green shimmer, that when you look closely, you see a kind of teal flash that looks to me like tiny teal particles. Yet another completely unique colour. And last, but far from least is Positive ZEN-ergy.This is a... hmm. How to describe. A minty colour green shimmer, with tiny silver glitter particles.  It's an absolute treat.

As I said at the beginning of this post, all of these colours apply smoothly and evenly. All are very well pigmented. The price is fabulous, whilst they're not cheap, they certainly won't break the bank. Overall, this brand has incredibly nice products, each well presented and each one is unique. I love them, I really do. Don't ask me to choose my favourite shade, because I honestly couldn't tell you. What I can tell you, is that I can't wait to own more of them.

If you're interested in this product, here's a link to their website:

Anyway all, I think that's more than enough from me. You take care, be safe and happy, and I'll see you all soon! Loads of love,


Sunday, November 25, 2012

My new topcoat

I decided to make myself a holo topcoat. Why I didn't think of this before is beyond me! I love holographic nail polish and I've seen enough holo topcoats. Sometimes I am far from the sharpest knife in the drawer, and this is one of those times. I wanted to make a few bottles up for friends of mine so I made a rather large batch, and I ended up with just shy of 8fl oz left for myself. That is a LOT of top-coat, the equivalent of 16 regular sized bottle of polish to be exact, so I think it will last me a good while! Here's some pics for you:
                                                   One humungous bottle of homemade holo
                                      Two humungous bottles(because one just isn't enough!)

                        A size comparison pic. The bottles next to a regular sized bottle of polish.

      A couple of 'before and after' swatch pics. Unfortunately, I didn't do the colours in sequence. Sorry about that!


So. What do you think? Not bad, huh? I like it anyway. I think it'll last me long enough to get sick of the sight of holo nps.......or not. No, maybe not!
Anyway, I'm going to keep this short and sweet, so I'm off until my next post. Stay safe, be happy, and I'll see you in the near future! Loads of love,