Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm such a dreadful blogger

...and I owe you all a sincere apology. To a certain extent, the lack of blogging here on Conceptionail comes down to are incredibly sucky internet Wild Blue. We live out in the sticks, and the only internet you can get here is satellite. If you know nothing about satellite internet, I suggest you manage to keep it that way, do yourself a favour and stick to cable or DSL.

With the satellite internet if you have the slightest bit of bad weather(even a little rain), the internet goes out. Also as I've said before, the amount they allow you to download and upload is ridiculously small, inevitably ending with you getting penalized for over usage, which in turn means you lose what internet you have until they deem you suitably punished and turn your internet back on.

Once we move out of here(hopefully next year) I am never getting satellite internet again! In the mean time my lovelies, please stick by me because I love doing this blog(when I can), and I think you are all fabulous. Anyway darlings, until the next time. Stay safe. xoxoxo

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