Monday, July 30, 2012

Warning! Picture heavy!

I thought it about time I did an updated picture log of my stash. As you can see, yet again I'm running out of room, I seriously need another helmer(or two!) Onto the pics, are you ready for this???

                                      Pic 1) Tool box tray, my current nail art trail and errors.
                                   Pic 2) Striping paints, birchwood stipck, glitter, acrylic
                                    Pic 3) Micas, nail wheels, paint plate, Spectraflair, ballbearings
                                    Pic 4) Acrylic paints, two way paints, cotton wool
                                  Pic 5) striping tape, nail foils, misc nail art, foil nuggets, glitter strands
                                                     Pic 6) As above, close up
                                     Pic 7) Misc files, tools, corrective pens, tooth pic, blah blah
                                                  Pic 8) Regular decals, water decals
                                     Pic 9) All shapes of rhinstones, 3d flowers, dried flowers, pearls...
Pic 10) Various topcoats, glues, basecoats. 
                                                       Pic 11) OPI!
                                                       Pic 12) Misc...
                                      Pic 13) Essie, Wet n Wils, Milani, Barielle, Face It, Gosh, Savvy
Pic 14) Orly, Love & Beauty, Fingerpaints, Nina Ultra Pro, ChG, Cult Nails
                                   Pic 15) Zoya!
                              Pic 16) Nailite brand, Color Club, Pure Ice, Petites Color Fever, Frankens
                 Pic 17) Holos-Kleancolor, Milani, a-England, Layla, HITS, Nubar, UP Polish, Gosh
                 \ Pic 18) Holos- OPI DS, ChG, Ozotics, Face It, Sally Hansen, Catherine Arley

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing some up-to-date pics of my stash as much as I enjoyed showing them to you. If you want to see anything closer up, feel free to message me and I promise to take some close up pics for you! Stay safe, be happy, and I'll see you all soon! Loads of love.


  1. wow - what an awesome collection!

  2. Thanks Laura! I wish I had more. I don't think you can ever have enough, lol!