Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick post, my mani.

I just wanted to show you my latest mani. I haven't even finished clean up around my cuticles yet so please excuse the mess!

I used ChG BFF for the colour (2 coats,) along with some decals and rhinestones from Sally's, and Out The Door topcoat. I think it's rather pretty!

That's all from me for tonight. Now I'm bombarding you with posts, sorry about that! Goodnight, sleep well, see you all soon. Loads of love!

Here I am!

Hi lovely's! I managed to keep my promise, and I aim to keep it up! I have a long post for you today. I'm going to take you from start to finish through the way I make a franken. Bear in mind I am not a professional. Nor do I do a particularly good job of this. I'm learning through trial and error, a lot of error. I have very few golds in my np collection, so I decided to make a gold. I haven't named this colour yet, if you have any ideas, then let me know them! Also, if you can see things I'm doing wrong, please let me know them too. I'm pretty sure, for instance, that I'm using waaaaaay too much mica. Anyway, let's get on with this post.

                                                              The things I used:

Glamour Base
Mica's: Blackstar Gold, Travel To Mars, Sparkle Gold and Brilliant Gold(I didn't end up using Travel To Mercury)
All the mica's going in the jug

                                       Shot of how much mica I used all together(too much?)
The mixed mica's
Added to the Glamour Base...
The finished product...
Swatches. The top pic shows one coat, the second pic shows three coats, and the last pic shows it over ChG's Frostbite.
I do like the colour. I'm kind of gutted that the Travel To Mars only seems to show up on top of another stronger colour(you see the red hue quite clearly in the last pic, over Frostbite) It's a nice enough gold. But honestly, it's not any different to any other that's already out the on the market. Unless you layer it over another colour I guess...problem with that is that I wanted it to stand on it's own as a duochrome, and as you can clearly see, that hasn't happened.
I guess I'll just have to keep on trying. It's all a learning process, and there's no harm in learning, that's for sure! Anyway, enough from me for tonight. I'll see you soon(that's a promise!) I'd love to hear from you any suggestions on posts you'd like me to do. Anyway, loads of love, take care!



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm like a broken record.

I'm sorry! Again! I'm surprised I still have followers considering my lack of posts and my countless promises to be a better blogger that never seem to come to fruition. So sorry loveys. My life seems to be ridiculously hectic. It's feels like I've only just written a post, and I promise (to myself!) to write another post within the next of days, and before I know it, 1 or 2 months have gone by.
I aim to be a better blogger. I promise you. Bear with me.
I have so many idea's I've written down for posts, and I will get them on here! I will!

I, Pennie Lang, promise you, my readers, that I will aim to blog at least twice a week from now on in. I promise to amuse you, to interest you, and to (hopefully) keep you coming back for more! I make a solemn pledge to no longer neglect this blog, and that my life will no longer get in the way of my blogging.

I'll be back tomorrow. I promise! I'm going to find my list of 'post ideas' in the morning and there'll be a new post for you to look at tomorrow night.

Hope you're all doing well. Take care, and I'll see you soon!

Loads of love!