Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm like a broken record.

I'm sorry! Again! I'm surprised I still have followers considering my lack of posts and my countless promises to be a better blogger that never seem to come to fruition. So sorry loveys. My life seems to be ridiculously hectic. It's feels like I've only just written a post, and I promise (to myself!) to write another post within the next of days, and before I know it, 1 or 2 months have gone by.
I aim to be a better blogger. I promise you. Bear with me.
I have so many idea's I've written down for posts, and I will get them on here! I will!

I, Pennie Lang, promise you, my readers, that I will aim to blog at least twice a week from now on in. I promise to amuse you, to interest you, and to (hopefully) keep you coming back for more! I make a solemn pledge to no longer neglect this blog, and that my life will no longer get in the way of my blogging.

I'll be back tomorrow. I promise! I'm going to find my list of 'post ideas' in the morning and there'll be a new post for you to look at tomorrow night.

Hope you're all doing well. Take care, and I'll see you soon!

Loads of love!

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