Monday, January 7, 2013

My little Christmas haul...

Gosh! Something is wrong with the pictures upload link, and I've had one heck of a job trying to upload 5 measly pics! So I'm sorry, but this post really sucks! The top pic shows you all the goodies I got. Here's a list for you: The nail polish top row L to R: China Glaze Gothic Lolita China Glaze Tranzitions Modify Me China Glaze Tranzitions Altered Reality I have to butt in here(if I can butt in on my own blog....) The China Glaze Tranzitions are awesome. Take a close look at the photo. It starts off as one colour, BUT if you paint over it with a plain old top coat, it changes the colour of the polish, hence the name Tranzitions. I attempted to do a french mani look, which you can see if you look real close! OPI Get Your Number OPI Can't Let Go I'm butting in again....these OPI's are from the Mariah Carey collection. What they have to do with her, I'm not sure, but these are the first things associated with her that I have ever liked! Sorry, sorry, sorry all you diehard Mariah fans out there, but I just can't stand her! I know she's got talent, I'm not disputing that, but I just don't like her music! Whilst we're on the subject, I can't stand Celine Dion or any other singers of the like. Color Club Winter Affair Color Club Berry And Bright Color Club Glitter Wonderland Color Cub Gift Of Sparkle Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly The nail polish bottom row L to R: Barry M Croc Effects Barry M Chameleon Blue Barry M Blue Glitter I have my sister Nicola to thank for all three Barry M's. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks Nik! xoxox The last two bottles aren't nail polish, they are a base coat and a top coat for the French Wrap mani kit. Now for the assorted boxes around the nail polish. nothing interesing I'm afraid; -French Wrap 'New Innovative' professional mani kit(we'll see soon enough!) -Wonder Tip (similar to the 'French Wrap.) -Swiss Silk Pre-shaped self adhesive wrap tabs(I'm going to try to use these for when I break my nails. I saw a method on Youtube that looked amazing, and held the break really well. Whether I can do it successfully remains to be seen..... -Terrific Tips, tip stickers. -Pack of three emery boards, at 50c, I couldn't say no! -A.S.P C-Curve nail tips, pack of 100. The second pic(I think) is the swatch pic. It starts kind of at the top left with the Barry M swatch of Croc Effects(the black crackle) there's a plain nail between each brand. Next are the Color Clubs, then the ChG's, and lastly, the OPI's. Sorry for such a crap post. Hopefully Blogger will get this picture uploading issue sorted out pretty quick. Anyway my loveys, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, and a wondeful New Year. I'll see you all soon. In the mean time, you stay safe, be happy, and stay out of trouble! Loads of love! P xoxox

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