Friday, August 3, 2012

A couple new polishes and 'guess the original np' game.

First things first, the 'guess the original np' game. We have to do this firs,t as the swatch pics will give the game away! No cheating by scrolling down now, that takes the fun out of it! See if you can guess which one is the original China Glaze Frostbite? Here's a pic, look closely now...
It's pretty close, isn't it? I honestly don't know if I could tell the difference if I didn't know so already. The colour's spot on, the finish is the same, the application is the same. So which on do you reckon is the original? Anyone want to hazard a guess? For those of you that have given up trying, onto the 'reveal' pic:

A perfect dupe, and only $1.99! Fabulous! Having said that, it's not like the ChG would break the bank either, they're not much, only $5-$6 a pop.

Here's a couple of pics of the swatches. But first, the list of np's:
Fergie - Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
Wet n Dry - Saved By The Blue
Essie - Armed And Ready
Zoya - Zuza

Anyway darlings, enough from me for now. You take care of yourselves, stay safe, and I look forward to seeing you all next time. Loads of love! xoxoxoxoxo

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