Friday, August 3, 2012

Blog sale, anyone?

I decided to spend the day going through all of my nail stuff and my cosmetics, and discovered that I had more than enough to hold a blog sale. I'm starting off with the nail stuff, then I'll do the  makeup tomorrow.Hope you guys all have funn shopping! Here's a few rules for the blog sale:

My email address is:

Postage- USA only.Sorry about that. Postage will start at $3.00, and there will be a charge of .50c of every item thereafter. Rules change if you have enough to fit in a flat rate box, in which case I'll just charge you for the flat rate fee.

Postage on any fragrance is completely different to anything else, because as you know, fragrances are heavy.This being the case I've decided that fragrances will ship for $5 per bottle, I think that's more than fair enough.

No returns, refunds or exchanges. If you're not 100% sure, don't buy it in the first place.

I accept paypal payment only. One last thing, I'd like a minimum of $10 per order please.

Pic 1) ChG - Smoke & Ashes, Afterglow, Up All Night,Ray-diant, Optical Illusion, Flirty Tankini,Sexy In The City, Light My Tiki, Recycle - $2 each
 Pic 2) ChG Tronicas - Hyperhaute(60%), HighDef(50%) -$3 each
 Pic 3) Layla's - FlashBlack,Mercury Twilight, Ocean Rush, Mermaid Spell,JadeGroove,CoralGlam, Maestro Pink, Ultra Violet - swatched only. $11 each
 Pic 4) Cult Nails - Hypnotize Me, Devious Nature, Tied Up - swatched only $5 each
 Pic 5) GOSH Ocean $4, Holographic $10, Metallic Purple $4
 Pic 6) Tried unsuccessfully to get a pic of the holo effect in the Gosh holo.
 Pic 7) Borghese - Violetto, Menta, Limoncello - $1 each
 Pics 8-14 ) OPI VHTF's -  Coral Reef $12, Original MPJ(only 20% remains) $10, Sanderella $15

Pic 15) Laser strands(use a top coat to glues the laser strand to your nails...really pretty. $1 per colour.
 Pic 16) Striping tape, $1 each, White 3D flowers $1, Fimo cane $2 a container.
 Pic 17) Container of 3D multi-coloured flowers, $5.
 Pic 18) Nail art wheels. Each wheel contains 18 nails, and can be used again provided you use non-acetone np rmover and are gentle.$1 per wheel. (Sally's beauty Supply sells them for $6.98 for 10 wheels.
 Pic 19) Perfume - a/Dorall Floral Desire EDP 3.3oz. Sprayed twice. $3, b/Fresh Memoirs Of A Geisha EDP 2.5oz 88% left $20, c/Wagners Garden Of Roses EDP 3.3oz 90% remaining $1, d/Lady Macsteed Tartan Rose EDP 98% remaining $14.
 Pic 20) Perfume -a/ Lollia Believe EDP 3.4oz 88% left $16, b/ Demeter Rose EDT 1.7oz 98% left $2,Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater 30ml 98% left $10, Lolloia In Love, EDP 3.4oz 98% left $20


  1. Hello! I'm interested in the Cult Nails Tie Me Up and the striping tapes but my email keeps getting kicked back to me with delivery failure :(

  2. Hi Pennie, are you sure you won't consider shipping to the UK? It's my birthday next week and some of these would make the perfect present to myself ;)

    If you're up for it, please email me! Leanne at donotrefreeze dot com. Thanks!

  3. Hi (:
    I also tried emailing but it said delivery failure. I'm interested in OPI Sand-erella.

  4. I also tried emailing yesterday around 6. I got that the delivery failed twice. Also tried the email you have listed on the blog page. I was interested in the OPI's and Gosh Holo

  5. Paypal was playing up for me yesterday too. Polishpixelle, you know you're suppposed to be entering my email in paypal, right? Cos you're paying me.
    Leanne, I will do so this once, Two conditions though: 1) The minimum is $20, 2) You pay for the shipping.
    Elie ans Sasha, try again. Paypal has been playing up.
    Good luck!

    1. That's wonderful, thank you! I'm interested in China Glaze Flirty Tankini, the two China Glaze Tronicas, and the Laylas Flash Black, Ultra Violet, Ocean Rush and Coral Glam.

      If you could let me know which of those are still available and give me a price for shipping, I'll send the money right over to your Paypal. Thanks!

    2. I apologize, I am a bit confused. I understand that I am to send you the money to that email but I had assumed, and it seems like many others had as well, that we should email you to let you know what we wanted. I specifically was emailing to see if the Cult Nails I was interested in was still available and to find out if the shipping rules apply in terms of .50 cents more per item in regards to the striping tape.

      Since you mentioned that the shipping charges may change depending on quantity, I'm not sure how we should determine the amount to send over without speaking with you first. I would love to get these items if you could email me at to let me know shipping charges. Thanks!

  6. I'm emailing through gmail to your hotmail and still getting a kickback saying delivery failed. If the polishes are still available I can be reached at Thanks.