Saturday, November 24, 2012

Apologies for not posting.

I've been somewhat stressed out since my last post. I find it upsetting that people jump to conclusions and judge when they haven't heard both sides of a story. I know it's easy to judge, but I do my best not to judge anyone until I've heard all there is to know. I'm human, I make mistake as does everyone else on this planet, but theft is not one of them. Anyway, enough of that crap.

I have an amazing topcoat to share with you, but I'm going to keep that until my next post, when I will start afresh with this blog. No more about this matter I've been talking about after this post. I hope you're all keeping well, and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was sick, nothing new there!
Anyway, I'll see you all soon. Stay safe, be happy. Loads of love.

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