Monday, November 5, 2012

Christmas is around the corner...

...again! Can you believe it? Where oh where does the time go? I guess it's an age thing, because I swear that when I was a youngster Christmas took forever to arrive. Now it seems like a few days go by from the previous Christmas, and we're back in the holiday season again!

So. Are you prepared? I'm not. The only person I consistantly shop for throughout the entire year is my sister Nicola, and that is because I always try my best to spoil her rotten. I'm not going to put any of the things I've bought for her on here, for obvious reasons. Her birthday is in December too, and as we live in different countries I tend to put gifts for both in one box, but I never palm her off with a combined Christmas/birthday present, I think that is so mean!

I went on a bit of a shopping frenzy via the internet, mainly for my 'sister from another mister' Kelly. She's another one that I really try to spoil. This year I want it to be really special for her as her hubby just deployed to Afghanistan for a whole year. Doesn't that suck? I mean, I've done it myself, and I know us military wives are very strong and pretty much all of us survive it, but that's not to say that it's easy, it's really not. Especially around the holidays. Again, I can't post any teasers in case she see's this post. Sorry KK, you gotta wait 'til Christmas day and see what Father Christmas brings for you!

I think I've said this before, but my husband Steve decided he'd had enough of our marriage after 12 years and bailed out in April, so he's one less to buy for, not to mention that I will no longer be buying for his family. That's down to him now, he no longer has a personal shopper.

I have to buy for my youngest nephew, Sam, my brother Fabian. I have to get Nicola's and Sams shipped to England. The cost of shipping is more often than not more costly than the gift itself. How crazy is that? I remember one year spending roughly $300 on shipping alone!!!
Fabians has to go to Canada...unless he decides to come and visit me, which might be on the cards! C'mon Jimmy, (Fabian) you know you want to see me, lol! And that's pretty much it. I don't buy for the rest of my nephews, I can't afford it. I don't buy for any more of my friends, ditto(much as I would love to.)

I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I'm trying not to go crazy on the spending. It's a totally different kettle of fish this year in comparison with last year, pretty much purely because of financial constraints. I hope they all like what I get them. I really do!

Anyway, lovelys, enough from me. We'll chat again soon. Stay safe. Get that Christmas shopping started!

All my love,


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