Saturday, October 20, 2012

Up to date indie stash..

I'm quite surprisd by how many polishes I've actually made! Next thing is I'm in desparate need of a big shop, but it has to be done! The top  two pics are my non-holographic nps, and the bottom to show all the holo ones I've made. Not too bad, though I say so myself! What do you think? Also, I'd love for you to name these polishes, as I have no clue as to what I should call them, so your help would be fantastic!
Anyway, I'm going to show you the nail polish in it's bottles today, and I thought I'd show you all the swatches tomorrow.Be warned, they really don't look all that great, but there are a couple of real beauties hidden in this stash!

Photo one - The non holo's
Not too many, I know. Not super original colours either(please remember I'm a complete novice at this!)
Pictures 2 and 3 - the holo's
These are my special babies. One of them is the holo brown that I made with such resounding success on Facebook.
There are some totally gorgeous colours in this little lot! More to be reveal in a few days! Again, any ideas for colours please shoot me s message! In the mean time g'night! Be safe.

See you soon lovies!

Post note- The spelling in this post was seriously lacking, I just had to go back through and do some major editing! That's what happens when you take your meds then attempt to write on your blog! Lol! Lesson learned I guess, srong opiates and blogging don't mix too well.

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