Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's been a litle while since I showed my nail art... I thought today was the perfect opportunity to show you all some more of my masterpieces! Well, maybe not masterpiece, but you know what I mean, lol! My talent doesn't seem to be getting any better, but I still love trying, it's such good fun. I love the array of products you can buy too. I have bought so much stuff from Ebay, and it's so cheap. Anyway, on to the pics. Let me know what you think!

Please bear in mind that I have absolutely no imagination. All of these designs have been copied from Youtube and various blogs. Sometimes I change things a little bit. Maybe use different colours, different flowers, rearrange where everything goes, but that's about my limit!
Thank you for bearing with me all this time, I do appreciate it. I know I've not been at all reliable, and I don't deserve any of you. You're all the best! Anyway lovelies, I'll see you all next time!Take care of yourselves, loads of love! xoxoxo

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