Monday, August 29, 2011

Another crazy week's gone by...

Oh. My. God. What the hell is going on with the land and the weather? I live on the east coast of the United States my lovelies. Virginia. Can't think of a prettier, more unassuming, safer place to live than here, right? Hah!

I'm not in the worries about gangs or major crime. I don't live on the west coast, no worries about gangs or major crime (didn't I just say that??? I have a real sense of deja vu, lmao!) worries about earthquakes, right? Wrong! That's exactly what happened last week, and that was just the beginning!

So I'm standing in Walmart, choosing my food, and the ground starts shaking, the building is shaking, stuff falls off shelves, employees yelling for "everybody out!" people are screaming, and I'm standing there thinking..."wtf? It's only a little earthquake!" After all was said and done it was fine. it was a 5.9 on the richter scale, I had some tidying up to do when I got home, not to mention a freaked out cat to find, but other than that, nada. We had the aftershocks for a few days, each progressively less than the original quake, other than that, it was a change from the norm. What fun!

Come Saturday, aaaaaaand along comes Irene. Hurricane Irene that is! She was only a fresh breeze (well, being British, maybe that's a very typical British understatement!) and some rain. Guess what? Dominion, our electric company couldn't even keep the power on! We lost power for about 16 hours. My husband said to me all it takes to lose power here (and this is sooooo true) is for someone to pee on an electrical outlet. That's it then, the whole damn grid is down! I spent time in AFRICA years ago. You know what and where that is...(this to any Dominion employees who may be reading). It's a third world continent. Do you know, that the AFRICAN countries I visited kept their power on BETTER than the good old US of A! And get this: whilst I was over there, there were Coups going on against the government!!! Shootings, murders, riots, mass killings, war! BUT (and this is the real kicker) we had electricity, and it stayed on! Yes! Can you believe it! LMAO!

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