Friday, August 12, 2011

My storage

Hello my lovelies! I hope your week is proving to be a good one. Today's post is about my storage solutions. Now, what I have is pretty good, but it's far from ideal. In an ideal world, I'd have my own nail polish room with n/p shelves most of the way around the room. There'd be a comfy chair in the corner, with a portable soaking/spa tub for pedicures, and a nice comfy footstool for me to sit on. On the other side of the room I want a built-in for all of my accessories, tools, paints etc, and a really nice desk where I can work on a customer (don't forget, my dream is to be a nail tech!) or I can work on myself. Like I said though, that's in an ideal world, and I'm quite a long way from that, lol! What I do have is a really nice tool box that opens out (Steve bought me this for my birthday), I also have a fishing tackle box, an arts and crafts container, and 6 large plastic totes, and 3 miniature plastic totes. Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, that's because I have an absolute crapload of stuff!

1) Tool box. This contains my htfs and holo's in the top along with some accessories in the lid. Middle shelf contains more np's plus top coats, french mani np's, rhinestone glue, base coat, etc. Bottom shelf contains more np's, some small containers with striping paint and np's in, nail polish removers, cotton wool and quick dry spray.

2) Fishing tackle box. This box contains stuff like my rhinestones, fimocane, 3D acrylic flowers, dried flowers, striping tape, paint brushes, dotting tools, false get my drift.

3) Containers 1 & 2. Ok, the one on the left contains, Wild n Crazy, Confetti and Pure Ice. The one on the right contains all of my nail art pens.

4) All 3 plastic containers on the left contain my striping np's. The bag on the right has my regular decals, all my water decals, nippers, nail files, scissors, and refills for Orly rubberizing bonder and Seche Vite.
5) On the left is my China Glaze, Forsythe, Essie, Nina Ultra Pro, Zoya and Milani. To the right is all OPI. At the top are the regular OPI's and HTF's. On the bottom are all of my DS's.

6) Last pic! On the left are my luxury brands. Chanel, Dior, Cult Nails, Koh, Estessimo, Clarins, BB Couture, Ozotic Pro, RBL, etc.....On the right is the box containing all my Sally Hansen's, and all my Sinful Colours.

Even though it's not ideal, I haven't even shown you everything because it's so scattered. For the most part I find it easy to find things, because I always put stuff back as soon as I'm done with it, and everything has a place, which is always in the same spot. I hope you've found this post enlightening, as to what I do with all my stuff, if you have any quesrions please feel free to ask me! I'll see you all soon ly lovelies, you take care now. xoxoxoxo

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