Friday, February 17, 2012

Epic fail!

Hey there loveys!

I just did a mani that I thought was going to look so cute, but ended up looking so dreadful that I took it off before the topcoat was dry. I'm so disappointed I'm thinking of getting rid of one of the np's I used. Here's some pics:

I suppose if I'm brutally honest, I shouldn't blame the nail polish 100%. They're both very pretty, and they're both a good brand. The np's I used are
OPI I'm India Mood For Love
OPI I Lily Love You
I don't think it does that much for my skin tone, it kinda blends in. Also, I'm not the best at mani's at the best of times, and my shaking like a leaf certainly doesn't help much. Definitely going to call this one a fail, maybe I'll keep those two for my toes!
Anyway, I'm outa here. See you all soon. You know the mantra, take care, be safe! xoxo

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  1. I love I lily love you! I think the two colors look great on your nails. :)

    I tagged you in a post, by the way!