Monday, February 13, 2012

This post is for an amazing friend of ours...

Brian 'Danger' Flouro, this one's for you, my friend! Brian has been a friend of myself and my husband Steve since we met back in 2001 when my husband started working at 6th Comm BN. They were both active duty Marines there. We'd go out and party, and had a blast! So much time's gone between then and now, but we're still friends.
Anyway, Brian is now out of the Marines, and works as a contracter dealing with military issues. currently he is in Afghanistan, and has been there for 9 months.
Over the past week or so, Brian and I have been chatting through F/B, reminiscing about old times, etc.
Anyhoo, I posted on F/B in the wrong place about a couple of Zoya's I'd been lemming after. Brian saw that post, and ordered them for me! How awesome is that? A guy that will buy a girl 'friend' nail polish!  Brian, you have no idea how much that meant, it cheered me up no end. So thank you sweetness, from the bottom of my heart! We love you, miss you, and can't wait to have you safely back in the States.
                                                Here's some pics of....Lotus and Sidney!

As you can see, I used Lotus as the predominant colour, with Sidney as the accent colour on my ring fingers. Anyway my loveys, enough from me for now. See you all soon! Take care, be safe, all my love! xoxoxoxo

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