Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Sale Take 2!

Hello my darlings!

It's been a while, I know. I've been stuck in bed with a bloody kidney stone. I've been hoping my body would pass it without any help, but I've had it for going on 2 weeks now. If I don't pass it by this weekend, I'm going to have to take a trip to the hospital, oh joy! You know how much I love going to the hospital, after all it is my second home, lol!

Anyway, on to the second part of my blog sale. There's few rules, so I'll keep it short:
1) USA only please.
2) Shipping: $2.50 for first item, then 50c each for each additional item . D/C is an extra .80c.
3) Minimum $10 purchase.
4) Paypal payments ONLY. Here's my email address for my paypal account(all lower case letters):

I think that's it! So off we go again, I'll post pics first, once all the pics have been posted, I'll post prices:

Here's the prices for you:
Coach items - Bangles $35 each
                       Ring(solid silver) $40
                       Pendant(solid silver) $50
If you want to buy more than one Coach item, here's the deal. Buy 3 items, I will let you have the last two items left for free(they will be the lowest priced two) . Buy 2, get a third free(lowest price). Obviously I only have enough for one of these transactions, so be quick if you're thinking about getting them!

Dolce & Gabanna EDT Feminine 1.7fl oz, 96% remaining - $25


OPI DS Vintage - $13
OPI DS Passion - $13
OPI DS Diamond - $13
OPI DS Chiffon - $13
OPI DS Shimmer $15
Ozotic Pro: 512, 516, 522 - $13 each
Face It: RD 301, PP 401 - $8 each
Catherine Arley: 806, 672, 803 - $8 each
ChG BFF (tan version) $8
Estessimo TINS The Sakura Pink - $12
Estessimo TINS The Jupiter - $14

Duri: Toreador, Rainbow Tears, Rock Opera, Fire Sapphire - $4 each
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms: Lavender Pearl, Lavender Gold - $8 each
Piggy Polish: Ethereal Thing, Teal Me About It, Mermaid, I & Love & Blue - $3 each
ChG: Sexy In The City, Heaven, Light My Tiki - $2 each
Jordana: Sapphire - $2
Savina: Black Pearl - $4
OPI: Simmer & Shimmer  - $4
Icing: Glitterati - $2
Brucci: Typhoon Lagoon - $4
Quo: Turquoise Moonlight - $4
Sally Hansen HD: Three D - $2
Essence Holografics: Gagalectric - $2

All prices are firm. If you want something shoot me an email to me regular email address:, and we'll take it from there. Happy shopping!

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