Friday, April 6, 2012

Nail mail delivery!

Well lovelys, I got me a glorious nail mail box today. To say I was excited to get it is the understatement of the year! The gorgeous Miagi Cat from Nail Polish & Gossip(a Facebook np group that I'm a member of) sent me a nail polish I've been lemming after for quite some time now. To make it even better, she sent me not just the one, but she also sent me a back up! Even better than that, she also included a couple more np's! The lemming I'm talking about is Max Factor Fantasy Fire. The extra's she included was another Fantasy Fire, Intense Plum which is a gorgeous plum creme(funny that, lol!) and Disco Pink, a gorgeous birght pink creme. The Fantasy Fire is a bright blue jelly with pink flecks in it, and it is reminiscent of Clrins 230. My description does even begin to desribe the gorgeousness that is Fantasy Fire. Anyway loveys, here's some pics for you:

That's enough from me for this post. I'll see you all soon. Take care and stay safe/ Loads of love! xoxoxo


  1. You are so lucky!! I haven't been able to find/swap a bottle! Looks great with your skin tone.

  2. Thanks darling! Yeah, I love it!