Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank you all!

I can't believe how many of you guys there are. When I started the blog, I thought that I'd have no more  than 40 followers, and that was a high number estimation on my part.
Now I have all 219 of you, so a big thanks to all of you that follow my blog. I wish I could give every single one of you a hug, but obviously I can't!
Anyway loveys, enough for now. Be safe.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Belated Valentines Day Nailite Inc Order Reveal

My hubby was away for Valentines day, but he still got me a lovely surprise! He bought me a dozen red roses, some lavender bath products, boutique chocolates, and the best surprise of all was allowing me to place an order with Nailite Inc. for more frankening supplies! I'd actually placed a previous order with them about a month prior, and this includes pics of the both orders combined along with the desriptions:

   Empty nail polish bottles, I actually got a total of 48. Only 40c a bottle if I remember correctly!

Square rhinestones. I got two of these little carousels, but combined the other one(different colours) into my larger carousel.
       Moon shaped rhinestones. I've never seen them in this shape before, aren't they pretty?
                                                             Two empty Carousels

All the pics of all the nail polish. Most of these were only 48c each! The rest at full price were only 99c!

Some of these I got doubles of as they were so cheap! That way I can franken with one, and use the other for regular painting. Even though they're cheap they go only smoothly, with no need for a ton of coats. Definitely a very good deal.

Anyway lovies, enough from me for now. Take care of yourselves, stay safe, and I'll see you all soon! Loads of love! xoxoxo

Friday, February 17, 2012

Epic fail!

Hey there loveys!

I just did a mani that I thought was going to look so cute, but ended up looking so dreadful that I took it off before the topcoat was dry. I'm so disappointed I'm thinking of getting rid of one of the np's I used. Here's some pics:

I suppose if I'm brutally honest, I shouldn't blame the nail polish 100%. They're both very pretty, and they're both a good brand. The np's I used are
OPI I'm India Mood For Love
OPI I Lily Love You
I don't think it does that much for my skin tone, it kinda blends in. Also, I'm not the best at mani's at the best of times, and my shaking like a leaf certainly doesn't help much. Definitely going to call this one a fail, maybe I'll keep those two for my toes!
Anyway, I'm outa here. See you all soon. You know the mantra, take care, be safe! xoxo

Monday, February 13, 2012

This post is for an amazing friend of ours...

Brian 'Danger' Flouro, this one's for you, my friend! Brian has been a friend of myself and my husband Steve since we met back in 2001 when my husband started working at 6th Comm BN. They were both active duty Marines there. We'd go out and party, and had a blast! So much time's gone between then and now, but we're still friends.
Anyway, Brian is now out of the Marines, and works as a contracter dealing with military issues. currently he is in Afghanistan, and has been there for 9 months.
Over the past week or so, Brian and I have been chatting through F/B, reminiscing about old times, etc.
Anyhoo, I posted on F/B in the wrong place about a couple of Zoya's I'd been lemming after. Brian saw that post, and ordered them for me! How awesome is that? A guy that will buy a girl 'friend' nail polish!  Brian, you have no idea how much that meant, it cheered me up no end. So thank you sweetness, from the bottom of my heart! We love you, miss you, and can't wait to have you safely back in the States.
                                                Here's some pics of....Lotus and Sidney!

As you can see, I used Lotus as the predominant colour, with Sidney as the accent colour on my ring fingers. Anyway my loveys, enough from me for now. See you all soon! Take care, be safe, all my love! xoxoxoxo

Friday, February 10, 2012

Nail art books

Hello again my loveys!
If you read my blog, then you like doing nails. If you like doing nails, then I would hope that at least some of you like doing nail art. If you like doing nail art but you lack imagination(like me) then this post is for you!
I'm always on the look out for ideas. Be it blogs, websites, magazines, whatever, I'm constantly trying to find ideas for nail art.
Have I find some inspiration? Heck yeah! I've found these amazing books for sale on Ebay. You can get little pocket sized books with 1,000 photo's of different nail art designs, and they only run about $5! You can get books that take you step-by-step through a design. Now the only problem is, is the writing is in Japanese. But seriously, it's so obvious what they're doing, you make do without the English language. Then there are these other books that have no less than 11,000 different designs in! They're amazing, I can flick through them all day! Anyway my loveys, here's some pics of these amazing books for you. If you're like me, and lacking in ideas go get yourself one or two of these:

Aren't they fabulous? I've got more on the way, and I can't wait to get them. Next month I'm going to order a few more! I love 'em! I can sit at the table all day every day looking through these books for ideas, and playing with all my paints, rhinestones, etc. Anyway my loveys, enough from me for today! Take care, be safe, and I'll see you all soon! Loads of love. xoxoxo

Monday, February 6, 2012

NOTD - MPJ original

Well girlies,

I was well overdue for a mani today. Doing a mani these days is no mean feat due to the overwhelming numbers of nail polish that I now have. Now I know my lot is a walk in the park for some these girls that have over a thousand! To me, however, still 600 odd is a still one heck of a lot to contend with, especially when it's 'pick my mani' time. It can get very time consuming, especially as I have a tendacy to change my mind a lot. And I do mean a LOT.
Today was actually a fairly easy day, as I'd being talking to someone recently about the original MPJ, and had already decided that that was to be my next mani! Anyhoo, without further ado, here's so nail polish porn for you:

As always, please excuse my dreadful photography skills. My poor camera is begging for someone who actually knows how to use it to get their hands on it! And my poor MPJ, well we won't go into what that's thinking about! Anyway my lovelies, enough from me for today. I'll see you all soon! Take care and be safe! xoxoxoxo

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nail art!

Hello my lovelies!
It's been quite some time since I posted some of my nail art on here(at least it seems that way to me!) so I took some pics of what I've been doing recently, especially for you! Here you go -

I know they're all far from perfect. I don't only have two left feet, I also have two left hands(actually, in my case that would be right feet and right hands!) but they're not that bad either, and I enjoy doing it so much. I'm hoping that I will get better with time. Sometimes it's almost like I notice an improvement, but then my very next attempt will look like absolute crap. Oh well, never mind. You win some, you lose some as they say...whoever 'they' are. Anyway my darlings, I'll see you all next time round. And I'm hoping not to leave it so long between posts. I have no idea where the time goes sometimes! Stay safe, be happy, and I'll see you soon. Bye for now, lovies! xoxo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Sale Take 2!

Hello my darlings!

It's been a while, I know. I've been stuck in bed with a bloody kidney stone. I've been hoping my body would pass it without any help, but I've had it for going on 2 weeks now. If I don't pass it by this weekend, I'm going to have to take a trip to the hospital, oh joy! You know how much I love going to the hospital, after all it is my second home, lol!

Anyway, on to the second part of my blog sale. There's few rules, so I'll keep it short:
1) USA only please.
2) Shipping: $2.50 for first item, then 50c each for each additional item . D/C is an extra .80c.
3) Minimum $10 purchase.
4) Paypal payments ONLY. Here's my email address for my paypal account(all lower case letters):

I think that's it! So off we go again, I'll post pics first, once all the pics have been posted, I'll post prices:

Here's the prices for you:
Coach items - Bangles $35 each
                       Ring(solid silver) $40
                       Pendant(solid silver) $50
If you want to buy more than one Coach item, here's the deal. Buy 3 items, I will let you have the last two items left for free(they will be the lowest priced two) . Buy 2, get a third free(lowest price). Obviously I only have enough for one of these transactions, so be quick if you're thinking about getting them!

Dolce & Gabanna EDT Feminine 1.7fl oz, 96% remaining - $25


OPI DS Vintage - $13
OPI DS Passion - $13
OPI DS Diamond - $13
OPI DS Chiffon - $13
OPI DS Shimmer $15
Ozotic Pro: 512, 516, 522 - $13 each
Face It: RD 301, PP 401 - $8 each
Catherine Arley: 806, 672, 803 - $8 each
ChG BFF (tan version) $8
Estessimo TINS The Sakura Pink - $12
Estessimo TINS The Jupiter - $14

Duri: Toreador, Rainbow Tears, Rock Opera, Fire Sapphire - $4 each
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms: Lavender Pearl, Lavender Gold - $8 each
Piggy Polish: Ethereal Thing, Teal Me About It, Mermaid, I & Love & Blue - $3 each
ChG: Sexy In The City, Heaven, Light My Tiki - $2 each
Jordana: Sapphire - $2
Savina: Black Pearl - $4
OPI: Simmer & Shimmer  - $4
Icing: Glitterati - $2
Brucci: Typhoon Lagoon - $4
Quo: Turquoise Moonlight - $4
Sally Hansen HD: Three D - $2
Essence Holografics: Gagalectric - $2

All prices are firm. If you want something shoot me an email to me regular email address:, and we'll take it from there. Happy shopping!