Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The in-laws visit!

Hello Lovelies! Today is the second day of my in-laws visit. I have my father-in-law here, he's called Bob, but to me, he's always Dad. I also have my sister-in-law here, her names Chris, and she's lovely! She's a really close friend to me. Unfortunately, tomorrow they go home :0(. So anyway, I have some pics I want to share with you. First up, I did a nice colorful mani and pedi on Chris. On her toes I painted Color Club's Ulterior motive, and decorated the big toes with some decals. Here's a pic:

Next up I did her mani. It's not something I would have chosen, but I actually think it came out really well. I think it's always interesting to see someone elses choices, it gives you a fresh look at how things go together. Anyway, she chose Orly Monroe's Red, a lipstick red with ever such a slight sheen to it. Because we've done regular decals on her fingernails before and they come off really quickly, we decided to go with some water decals. She chose some bright yellow flowers, and I chose to do  gold rhinestones on the thumbs. Here's how this looked:

Finally, I thought it would be really nice, if I took some pics of Dad, Chris and my husband Steve (after all, it's his Dad and sister) and showed you guys some pics of some of my family members! Without further ado, I present you, Chris:


And last but certainly not least, my wonderful, gorgeous husband, Steve:

So that's it for today my lovelies! You got to meet some of my family members! Who knows, maybe you'll meet some more in the future! Have a great night and I'll talk to you all soon. xoxoxoxo


  1. The mani looked great!!!! Liked the family photos!!

  2. Thank you darling! Yeah, we'd never win in a Miss World/mr universe competition, but we can hold our own, lol!

  3. Monroe's Red is such a gorgeous red and I love the flower decal you put on her manicure, super cute. Lovely family pics (: