Thursday, July 28, 2011

More nail mail!

Hello my lovelies! I got a real treat in the mail yesterday, from a really lovely friend of mine. She's such a sweetheart, and she's spoilt me rotten! This parcel consists of all kinds of nail polish goodies, including Chanel, Ozotic Pro and Koh! But the goodies don't stop there. Here's a (very long) list of what she got for me:

Revlon Street Wear - Starry, a gold ribbon glitter
Deborah Lippmann - Happy Birthday, a multi coloured gitter
Color Club - Blue light, pale blue
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, scarlet ruby, a glorious red
Rococo - Gold Leaf Lacquer, speaks for itself!
Estessimo - Gold Glitter
Nubar 2010
Estessimo - bronze holo glitter, simply stunning!
BB Couture - Karibbean Kiersti, a teal foil
Jordana - Sapphire, a beautiful blue
Butter London - Perfect Prezzie, a lovely red
CND - Lavender Pearl, cream pearl with a lavender hue
RBL - Grunge, beige
Cult Nails - Devious Nature, a bright pink creme
Cult Nails - Always Winning, green shimmer with gold glitter. Very pretty!
Ozotic Pro #520 - a bronze duochrome
Ozotic Pro #529 - a deep blue/purple/bronze glitter
Nfu Oh #53 - a blue flakie
Nfu Oh #51 - a purple flakie duochrome
Le Metier - Dionysus, a beige shimmer
Le Metier - Athena - an olive shimmer
Le Metier - Eris, a teal shimmer
Chanel - Graphite, a gold foil
Chanel - Quartz, a bronzish shimmer
Chanel - Peridot, an olive duochrome
Chanel - Or, a gold shimmer
Koh - Deep Ocean, a very dark blue creme
Koh - Jewel, a jade creme
Koh - Midnight Blue, a deep teal foil
Koh - Blue Universe, a deep blue multi colour flakie...gorgeous!
Koh - Bahama, a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal
Koh - Sparkly, a brown/red with micro glitter
Koh - Funky, a lighter sheerer version of Chanel Paradoxal
Koh - Platinum Silver, a beautiful silver holo

Hope you enjoy all this eye candy. Please tell me if I have the desciption of the np's wrong, I'm pretty bad at that, lol! Here's the pics:

A very special thank you from me to a wonderful woman who prefers to remain nameless. You're the best sweetheart. Thank you so much, you really made my day!


  1. WOW im jelaous!!! what a lucky girl you are to have such a great friend :)

  2. Wow!! I know exactly who that beautiful lady was who sent you that gift and she is truly amazing! I have also been blessed to have a gift from her so I understand the screaming and joy that comes with it.

    Wear it all in good health!