Monday, July 4, 2011

My stash

Alrighty my lovelies! Do I have a treat for you! I am planning on photographing each of my brands, then posting the names of each nail polish. Please bear with me, this is going to take quite a while, and each brand will have it's own post, unless I only have a couple of a particular brand, in which case they will share a post! I'm going to start with the cheapies and work my way up to the HTF's and more expensive brands. I'm starting with my Sinful Colors stash. I currently have 42. I'm going to list the names as they have been photographed. Left to right, top to bottom. Hope you enjoy it!

Top Row: Tokyo Pearl, Black On Black, What's Your Name?, Merlot, Sugar Sugar, Tapping Nails, Courtney Orange, Cloud 9, Let's Meet, Sing Along, Adventure Island, Happy Ending(x2), Show Me The Way, HD Nails.

Second Row: San Fransisco, Envy, Mint Apple, Open Seas, Rise And Shine, Nail Junkie, Aqua, Love Nails, Hottie, Insight Midnight, Ciao Bella!, Hot Spot, Daddys Girl, Let's Talk, Fiji.

Bottom Row: Purple Diamond, Bali Mist, Fig, Dream On, Forget Now, Cream Pink, Star Fish, Sharons Heart, Beautiful Girl, Dancing Nails, Mercury Rising, Casablanca.

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