Friday, July 15, 2011

Some gorgeous np's from a lovely guy!

Hello lovelies!

And how are you all today? Keeping well I hope! Are you looking forward to the weekend? You make sure you all get some rest, life is so fast-paced these days. What I have for you here are two incredible nail polishes given  to me by a lovely fella by the name of George. I met him through one of the many forums/pages I visit, I sent him a couple of nail magazines and he was nice enough to send me these. I think they are absolutely fabulous! The first is by Barielle, and it's called Falling Star.(It's the one on the left of the photo) It's a mid blue creme with bronze flecks in it. To truly bring out the beauty of this nail polish you really need 3 coats. It applies well, and it dries quickly too. The second one is by BB Couture, and it's called Sea Of Cortez. This one is a semi translucent teal with a multi colour micro particles in it. With this polish you definitely need 3 coats, the first layer is very translucent. After the third layer however, it's very opaque. The multi colour particles shimmer with every slight move you make, it's really quite beautiful. The application on this is smooth, and again dries pretty quickly. I highly recommend both of these np's Hope you enjoy the pics! I'd love to hear what you think of these too.

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