Monday, July 11, 2011

Stash pic #18 THE GRAND FINALE!

And now ladies and gents, can I have your attention please! Please give a warm welcome, and a very large round of applause for....the one....the only....MISS CATHERINE ARLEY!!! Miss Arley produces the most amazing holo's, and I know 'cos I've got some!  Miss Arley however, does these glorious polishes absolutely no justice. She doesn't even name them! How could you not name polishes such as these? I ask you?So without further fuss, please enjoy!

1) Miss  673
2) Miss 666
3) Miss 677
4) Miss 675
5) Miss 804
6) Miss 672
7) Miss 802
8) Miss 669
9) Miss 667
10) Miss 674
11) Miss 668
12) Miss Gold (no number)
13) Miss 803


  1. These are so pretty! I've never seen them before :)

  2. Catherine Arley is made in Turkey. Unfortunately Turkey does not allow the export of nail polish. Having said that, some of the Eastern European countries seem to get a hold of Catherine Arley np's and sell it.
    I did a rather large swap with a girl who happens to live in one of these countries, so I got lucky!

    The above comment was mine, trying to remember which account it was I coul make comments through!