Monday, July 4, 2011

Stash pic #8!

You guys are doing fabulously! I've actually gotten through a fair few of my nps now, we're way over halfway you'll be pleased to hear, lol! This pic has my Fingerpaints, Sally Hansen crackle, Savvy, Color club, Revlon, LA Splash, Ulta Professional, Scherer Chameleon and Sally Hansen Prisms. You ready? Let's go.

Row 1) Fingerpaints: Private Collection, Chroma Coral, Artists Inspiration, Whose Hue?, Key To My Art, Sketch Etch, Art Dealer Teal-er, Art You Blue?, Art Of Theft, Vintage Violet, Hue Rang?

Row 2) Sally H: Fractured Foil, Antiqued Gold.
             Savvy: Chocolate, Red Caviar, Chocolate Mint
     Color Club: Total Mystery, Secret Agant, Ulterior Motive, Alias, Alter Ego, Masquerading.

Row 3) Revlon: Not So Blueberry, Gold Get 'Em
        LA Splash: Cabernet, Maroon
           Ulta pro: Green With Envy, Blue For You
Scherer Chameleon: Ballerina, Calypso
Sally H. Prisms: Cinnebar Opal, Golden cinnebar

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