Monday, July 11, 2011

Stash pic no.14

Blimey! And there's still more! It semms like it's never ending!!! Okay, next up we have another mix for you. And this one has the much fabled, highly desired Unicorn Pee in the mix! Yup, you got it my lovies, I am ideed lucky enough to be the owner of a bottle of this beautiful nail polish! Let's get to ready for this, my lovelies?

1) Chanel - Black Satin
2) Chanel - Black Pearl
3) Chanel - Paradoxal
4) RBL - Dead Calm
5) RBL - Purple Haze
6) Orlane - No.92
7) Cult Nails - Living Water
8) Clarins - 220
9) Clarins - 230 (here she is!!!)
10) Clarins 227

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