Monday, July 11, 2011

Stash pic no.10

Ok. This pic shows you my small but cute collection of OPI's. As a general rule I can't really afford these, but I have managed to collect a few in my travels! Here's the list of 'em:

1) I don't have a label on this one. I've had it for approximately 5 years.
2) Overexposed In South Beach
3) Didgeridoo Your Nails?
4) Movin' Out (yes my lovies, you did read right, lol!)
5) The Color To Watch
6) Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink
7) Mod About You
8) Yet another one with no name. (If you can help me out with names, I'd appreciate it, btw!)
9) It's Totally Fort Worth It
10) Not Like The Movies(frankened with Super Nail Silver Rush)
11) Glacier Bay Blues
12) Sparkle-icious (love it!!!)
13 )My Private Jet (non original, but still pretty in it's own right)
14) Simply Smashing

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