Monday, July 4, 2011

My stash post 7.

You still managaing to stay awake? I hope so, lol! In this post I'm showing you my Essie's my Petites Color Fever, Forsythe, Zoya and Milani. I've only recently got into the Essie, when the drug store and Walmart started to sell them, I like them very much. Petites Color Fever are amazing. Such cute little bottles, a fabulous price, and the colours are to die for. Especially Black Diamond. That particular one wins hands down, it is the most gorgeous black holo I've ever seen! Anyway, lets move on!

Row 1) Essie: Wrapped In Rubies, Jag-u-are, Honey Bun, Super Bossa Nova, Jamaica Me Crazy, It's Genius, Lilacism, Lapis Of Luxury, Smooth Sailing, Coat Azure, Trophy Wife, Midnight Cami,Kisses And Bises.

Row 2) Petites Color Fever: Black Diamond x2, Twilight, Empress, Solar, Zodiac, Wild Plum, Violet Frost, Raspberry Ice(love this color!), Fairy Pink, Daze, Candy Green, Figi, Electric Indigo.

Row 3) Forsythe: Perfect Plum, Glamour Rose, Orange Aura
                  Zoya: Dannii, Jules
               Milani: Blackberry Baby, Totally Cool.

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