Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nail mail....whoop whoop!

So I was happy to discover a little parcel in my mail box today, and it had come from my lovely friend George again! George has exceptionally good taste I must say, and I am more than happy for him to pass his unwanted nail polish my way! So what did I discover in my little parcel, you might ask? Well, I got three beautiful nail polishes. I got:
Orly - Get A Grip, a stunning purple that has the most amazing sheen to it.
OPI - Call my Cell-ery, a beautiful lime green. It's incredibley sheer, so you really need a coloured basecoat.
OPI - Electric Eel, Another lime green, this one with tones of cream and bright electric green. Again, this one is very sheer and definitely requires a coloured basecoat beneath it.
For your viewing pleasure, here's the pic. Left to right Call My Cell-ery, Get A Grip, Electric Eel:

If any of you have ideas for good colours to go under the Call My Cell-ery and Electric Eel, I'm all ears! Tia! And have a great day.


  1. Black might look great under Electric Eel! I so want this polish! Lucky you!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the advice sugarplum!

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with Call My Cell-ery. A good marbling polish perhaps?